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David’s Shield Foundation teaches everyday civilians, community members and leaders in protection awareness, and trains them to acquire essential skillsets.

We help ensure that your homes, your schools, your churches and your communities will become the safe sanctuaries that they should ultimately be.

Our training is based on real life experiences and therefore prepares you for the very real dangers that exist. Our team of experts have a collective experience of over 70 years in the field of protection.


Rabbi Natan Alexander, founder of David’s Shield Foundation, has over 25 years of experience in education and community protection, holds a degree in counter terrorism, serves as a reservist in the Israel Defence Forces and is a volunteer Fire Fighter.


Lennie Glasser is a certified Krav Maga instructor and firearms trainer. He has spent the past 25 years actively protecting community members and organisations as well as leading and training Community Protection teams.  He is also a certified first responder.


Brad Harmsworth is a Security Consultant specializing in Generational Security. He creates systems and strategy for both families and corporations in the areas of health, wealth, protection and preparation. He is also an author as well as a certified firearms trainer.


On average 480 incidents of serious violence occur at places of worship in the U.S. each year.


58% of violent incidents reported in places of worship occur immediately before, during, or immediately after a formal event.


Most congregations do not have security.(James Alan Fox - Criminologist, Boston Northeastern University.)

Leaders are Protectors

Leaders ensure the physical and spiritual safety of their community.

Family Protection

It is a natural instinct to protect ourselves and our families. This is a G-d given gift that we at David’s Shield teach you to embrace and turn into a sharpened skill set so that when the time comes to protect yourself and your family members, you have the confidence and skills to do so. These seminars and practical training sessions can be hosted by Churches, Schools and Community centers.

Community Protection Groups

Our places of worship need to be safe. The best people to protect communities are the community members themselves. David’s Shield specializes in training committed groups of individuals from your community to take on this responsibility. These groups are guided and trained to best protect your community from a mulitude of dangers and threats all while upholding the sanctity and peace that must be maintained.

Leadership Protection Training

Like David, some of the greatest biblical leaders were shepherds. David did not only watch over his sheep whilst playing his harp and composing Psalms, he made sure that when his flock was in harm’s way, he was also ready to “…chase after it and attack it and rescue the sheep from its mouth….”

As community leaders, we are blessed with the great task of protecting our flock and we must be ready to do so, spiritually and physically. David’s Shield trains community leaders to be ready on all fronts to protect their communities.

Special Services

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