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A team made up of people with real life experience.

David’s Shield Foundation is made up of both a board and trainers that have real life combat, counter terrorism and community protection training and experience. We have a passion and vision for every individual, family and community to be able to protect themselves from the dangers around us. We serve with all our heart, mind and soul.

The Board

Myer David Krinkin (Treasurer) is a reservist as a special forces operator (Palsar 7) and sniper commander of the Israeli Defence Forces. He holds several awards of excellence for protection and versatile accomplishments from within his time spent as a soldier. He is pursuing a career in economics and accounting and is immersed in a range of cross-cultural, organisational and strategic development capacities.

Natan Alexander (President and trainer) is a Security and Counter Terrorism graduate with 25 years of experience in practical Community Protection and training.  Natan is also a member of the Quick Reaction Protection team in his community in Israel and serves in the reserves of the Israeli Defence Forces.  He is also a volunteer fire-fighter.    

Michael Vasquez (Secretary) Former infantry captain in the United States Marine Corps (2000 -2011).  Michael led training operations in the Philippines, South Korea and Japan and security, combat and humanitarian missions in Haiti, Iraq and Afghanistan.   Currently working as a board-qualified paramedic in Australia.

Additional Trainers and Advisors


Lennie Glasser is a certified Krav Maga and firearms trainer.  He has spent over 25 years leading Community Protection teams.  He is also a certified First responder.



Brad Harmsworth is a Security consultant specializing in Generational Security. Creating systems and strategy for both families and corporations in the areas of Health, Wealth, Protection, and Preparation.  Brad is also a certified firearms trainer. 

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